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7/27/14 - I am still here!  I get a ton of mails asking that.  Apologies for lack of updates.  I am on the hunt for new web software that I can use on my MAC so I can do this more often.  I still have to boot up an old PC that I decommissioned 3 years ago to do this. 

3 Basses have left the shop since the last update.  The backlog is coming along, only 6 instruments left to go.  I've had a hold on new orders since I got behind.  That will be lifted when these get further along.  Pictures of the basses and guitar in progress are recently updated on photobucket.  The folks on the list have been waiting 2-3 years and I'm focusing on these. 

I'm still not going to be taking orders for replicas.  There was a Rainbow bass at the end of the current wait list that had been cancelled.  I may build that anyway and post it for sale here!  That would be some time next year at the earliest.


8/19/12 - Zane's bass is done, and was shipped out a while back.  It took a quite a while to work through some issues, but it's a keeper.  Ross, Hannes, and Zane have posted some great videos on YouTube, which has drawn additional interest.  Thanks guys!  I have a little less time in the shop with my day job schedule, but I'm still working on the orders I have.  It's taking longer than expected, and I'm grateful for everyone's patience so far.

I still get questions...often...about the replicas.  I'm still not taking those orders since I have a ton of basses left to build.  Maybe some time next year I'll revisit that. 


I'll embed more of these once I go through them. 


2/23/12 - A couple of basses have shipped out since the last update.  Lots more on the way.  Some older basses have been through the shop for some work as well, so there are new pics on those pages in the gallery. 


9/5/11 - 2 Instruments completed in the last week or so.  Summer was really great, but very busy.  My "vacation" was spent in the shop making some improvements, Epoxy for the floor, rebuilt the miter bench, did a lot of cleaning...I'll probably put pictures of the shop up some day.  It was time well spent.  Hurricane Irene came through and we are grateful that our home was not damaged or flooded in any way.  We were instead able to help out some friends and family who suffered lengthy power outages find a place to grab a shower or recharge the batteries. 

As of now, I'm not taking any more orders for the REPLICA basses, like the walnut 4 string ("LC4") or Rainbow bass.  I need to get away from making the same bass over and over again.  I am still making the other scroll basses that I have been building.  Contact me with any questions. 

I have orders that will probably go through the next year or so.  Some time around then I hope to have something a little more original in the way of designs, though there will likely be a scroll element...since that's what I always liked about these instruments.


5/24/11 - I finally took the time to add some pricing for guitars as well.  I'd like to build more of those in the future.  A bunch of pictures have been loaded on photobucket for work in progress too.


4/18/11 - Long overdue updates. 

The poplar 4 string sold to a happy new owner.  The Rainbow bass I was working on is done and on it's way to Germany.  A bunch more instruments are in progress.  Lots of new pics are up on Photobucket.


1/23/11 - The band I was playing with (Full Disclosure) has broken up.  So now I'm selling one of my giging basses on Ebay.  Poplar 4 String.


12/23/10 - I've added a section to the Gallery for instruments in progress.  I'm going to close down the Myspace site, so I wanted to make better use of this web site and photobucket. 


8/3/10 - Working on a few instruments- a couple 5 strings, and a couple 6 strings.  One of them is a Rainbow Bass, which is intended to be much more like the original. 

General Woodcraft in New London CT has generously added a section about my work in their August 2010 newsletter.  It was a very nice surprise.  Most of the wood that I've used comes from General Woodcraft.


7/25/10 - My 4th bass is for sale, used.  Currently on ebay.

7/13/10 - I finally sat down and tried to figure out a standard pricing model.  That is now posted on the web site.  It will likely change over time, but it will give you a general idea of what an instrument will cost. 

Two more basses have been finished since the last update.  Both have been added to the gallery.


3/2/10 - Adam Stone basses now featured on  Builder Subforum.

Register today!

Also the 4 string poplar bass is done, and has joined my arsenal of gigging basses. 

2 more LC4 replicas are in progress, nearing completion.

10/11/09 - 4 string poplar bass completed!!  Will be listed on ebay soon.

9/7/09 - 5 string sold on Ebay.  A new 4 string will be available soon.

8/31/09 - Web site go live!!  Finally. 





More images on photobucket 2014








Zane's Bass


The 5 string bass has been sold.


Ross' Bass is finally done and on it's way home. 


Hannes also has his Rainbow bass now too.


Hannes' Bass is done. 

These got popular for  a while.


Matt's Bass is done!!